Christmas Tree Recycling

Sorry that the storm disrupted Christmas Tree pickup. Here's the plan: Republic will collect the trees for recycling on the day of scheduled trash collection this week, Monday through Friday. Drivers will collect trash first, and then they will return after they have hauled their loads of trash to the landfill and cleaned their trucks, to collect the trees, which they will take to the golf course leaf processing site. We will determine and let you know later this week if another collection is necessary on Saturday, Jan. 20th. Thanks for your cooperation!

The contractor has been instructed to leave any trees that are in plastic bags, so please make sure that your tree is not in a bag and does NOT have any decorations or lights on it, including tinsel. These trees will be recycled into wood chips and any foreign material on the tree could potentially damage the equipment.

After January 20, trees may be placed at curbside for regular trash pickup. If you wish, you may drop your tree off at the Public Works facility yourself for recycling during this period. An area will be designated with a sign for this purpose.