Pay As You Throw Activity

2017 Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Committee: On December 14, 2016 Mt. Lebanon Manager, Mr. Keith McGill, assembled a six-member PAYT Committee per the request of the Commission to create an education plan for PAYT. At the January 24, 2017 Discussion Session, the Commission requested the Committee provide a cost analysis of the financial impact PAYT would have on the community. The Committee presented the cost analysis at the February 27, 2017 Discussion Session. The Commission voted to move forward with public information on ways residents can increase their recycling, but not to continue moving forward with a PAYT program.

Pay As You Throw Cost Analysis

In January 2014, a five-year garbage/recycling contract with Allied Republic Services went into effect. Although the contractor is new, there currently is no change in service delivery.

Over the next several years, Mt. Lebanon will be evaluating various incentives for increasing recycling and has the option to make changes mid-contract. Information concerning those options will be posted here.

2014 Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Panel:
On January 10, 2014 Mt. Lebanon Manager, Mr. Stephen Feller, assembled a seven-member PAYT Panel per the request of the Commission to evaluate the feasibility of pursuing PAYT options for Mt. Lebanon. Mr. Feller provided an overview of the Panel’s assignment, as well as a condensed mission statement and action plan. Mr. Feller also informed the Panel that they would be assisted by Gannett Fleming, an engineering consulting company with vast experience in Pennsylvania municipal solid waste and recycling issues. The Panel’s final report and attachments are below. In addition, other supplemental information has been presented for the public’s use.

PAYT Panel Feasibility Report - September 2014

Attachment 1 - PAYT Panel Survey Results
Attachment 2 - 2012 Nestor Resources Mt. Lebanon PAYT Report
Attachment 3 - Public Works Evaluation of MSW Bids
Attachment 4 - Mt. Lebanon - Gannett Fleming PAYT Memo
Attachment 5 - Mt. Lebanon HS Student Recycling Survey Results
Attachment 6 - Pay as You Throw Reason Institute Study
Attachment 7 - Mt Lebanon PA WasteZero Proposal
Attachment 8 - Financial analysis prepared by PAYT panel

Supplemental - Manager Letter and Action Plan
Supplemental - Nestor Resources PAYT Primer for PA
Supplemental - Public Policy Polling PAYT Memo
Supplemental - SHACOG Bid Process
Supplemental - Survey of PAYT Communities Summary

Case Study - MA-ashland-payt
Case Study - MA-hamilton-payt3
Case Study - MA-mldn-payt
Case Study - MA-wrentham-payt